Practice Team

Practice Manager

Nadia Ghanbari

The Practice Manager manages all of the business aspects of the Practice such as making sure that the right systems and the right people are in place, at the right time, in order to provide a high quality of patient care, human resources, finance, patient safety, premises, equipment and IT (information technology). The Practice Manager supports the Admin Team, GPs and other medical professionals to deliver patient services and also helps to develop extended services, enhancing patient experience and care.

Administration Team

Admin Manager: Pauline Gavigan

Senior Administrators: Joan McIntosh, Gwen Whitehead

Administration Staff: Elizabeth Brown, Louise Hart, Lisa McLaren, Helen Robertson, Margaret Teevin, Louise Morris, Louise Adams, Deborah McCafferty, Olivia Thomson and Nicola West. Our Admin staff answer the telephone, arrange appointments and deal in strict confidence with any non-medical queries you may have.
Our Administrators have been trained to help you in the most appropriate way, and you are asked to try to co-operate with them. On booking your appointment, you may be asked to give a few details. Please do not be offended by this, as it will help us to help you. For example, the Administrator may feel that your problem will require longer than the time normally allotted for each patient. If your request is of a personal or confidential nature, she can, at your request, take your call or speak with you in a private office.

All staff adhere to the Practice’s Confidentiality Policy and Data Protection Act 2018.